Kaplan University Class Action Lawsuit

Over the last few years, I have found NUMEROUS complaints from smart, level headed students (and employees) who have been mislead by Kaplan University in one way or another. However, most of the “complaint” websites do not allow for users to provide contact information or the like, so people who have been screwed by the same place can never get in contact with each other and actually do something about it.

If you have been mislead by Kaplan (financial aid, quality of education, credits, accreditation etc.), please remember that there is hope, but it takes time and it takes communication!

I just got off the phone with an attorney who is also in contact with other former students and employees. He is, and has been, interested in hearing from others who have had problems with Kaplan. Please contact him right away so we can get this started! I withdrew in 2008 and it is now 2010 and I am TIRED of waiting when I KNOW that there are students being mislead by Kaplan every day. How many of you are on disability? How many ended up with student loans you can never pay back? How many of you? I am sick to my stomach just reading some of your stories, please lets do something about it instead of post on complaint websites!

John W. Andrews, ESQ
Andrews Law Group, P.A.
3220 Henderson Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33609
Email: jwa(at)ix(dot)netcom(dot)com

Before contacting him, it might be beneficial to sit down and formulate a time-line or summary of your issues with Kaplan. Then when you speak to him you can provide him with that summary and any supporting documentation for his review.

Just for reference, below are some of the things I have found online about Kaplan since withdrawing (which apparently has other functions and names besides Kaplan University). I wish I had found this information BEFORE enrolling!


Complaints Online

Blog – January 19, 2009 – Kaplan University is a scam!

Complaints Board

Rip-off Report

[I am sure there are many more complaints posted here, but here are a few too many]

Pissed Consumer

Details, Information & History of  “Kaplan”

Kaplan University’s Default Rate:

Use the following database search to view Kaplan’s default rates for the following years:

Official Cohort Default Rate Search for Postsecondary Schools Fiscal Years 2007, 2006, and 2005

2005 – 5.9
2006 – 9.2
2007 – 13.3
Anyone see a trend? Why is that? What is going on at Kaplan?

Miscellaneous Articles

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111 Responses to Kaplan University Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Shannon Croteau says:

    I want to say Thank you, Thank You, Thank You…I have been for the last 6 mos researching and putting together a complaint and did not know who to send it to and what kind of atty I needed and you are an angel to put this together. I am very greatful to you for this. I hope my 200+ complaint letter will benefit us all. Atty Andrews asked me to ask you to put his email in your beautifully put “blog”. I invite you to contact me anytime. I am out blood….against Kaplan and 2 other schools with the shady practice of MPN and falsifying the Esign and using expired MPN’s.
    Talk To You Soon

    • Angelique says:


      I am so glad you wrote! I will go ahead and add the email for John Andrews right away. I am glad you contacted him, something has got to be done about Kaplan. I will be contacting you asap. I am behind on some things due to power/internet outages recently, but I will get in touch soon!

    • kyle jones says:

      im a ex student from kaplan and i need help and leads as 2 where i go from here
      my number is [deleted by admin for privacy]

  2. Shannon Croteau says:

    That would be great, I am glad that I can help because I have had it and I do not understand why people complain about it than do not pursue it. Kaplan has ruined me from ever going to school again, having a career and most of all my health and they don’t care, not one bit, I am a dollar sign. Like I have been saying Kaplan is a sitting snake in the grass and you are unaware until you get bit and on that I will look foward to hearing from you.

    Take Care,

  3. Kishmir says:

    Listen you are on the money. I was an employee at Kaplan about 4 yrs ago and at the time noted that 3 or 4 jewish employees were fired at the same time, i recall, after taking off the Jewish holidays.
    This placed should be closed down, and there are numerous violations of many things.

    However i recall that there may have been warnings to us if we complained or took this further.


  4. Kishmir says:

    Oh let me add one other thing… I spoke w a friend who tells me that age discrimination is very common there. They let people rise the ladder and then at a certain point when bonuses etc will be paid they get summarily fired.

    Some of the employees require medical intervention for stress etc.


  5. Katherine says:

    Angelique, first of all thanks for creating this page. I’m a former (thankfully!) Kaplan employee and I can validate all of your criticism. Leaving that place was the best thing I ever did for my mental health. It is a sick and morally bankrupt culture. I was on the academic side so I can’t speak to the financial aid side. We had to deal with the consequences of the over-aggressive recruitment tactics in the form of ill-equipped students who had no business being in an academic environment: i.e., constantly “dumbing down” course content so we wouldn’t lose students once they realized they couldn’t cope. I wasn’t a faculty member but I heard of the pressure they were under to pass failing students. I briefly tried teaching a class but it was a disaster. I learned teachers were expected to put up with verbal abuse from students, and if you complained about it you were the one disciplined, not the student. The class content was designed for the lowest common denominator student, which cheated the few capable students out of a decent education. I suspect one of the reasons there are so many student complaints about sub-par faculty is that Kaplan pays their part-time faculty (which is the majority) very poorly, so naturally they attract the least competent. The few good quality academic staff that was there when I started ended up bailing once they realized Kaplan was a diploma mill. Likewise, the technical and other problems reported with the courses can be traced to the fact that rank-and-file course designers and academic staff (below the dean or VP level) are also poorly compensated and there is no merit-based reward or promotion system, so people will just do a minimally competent job while they look for employment elsewhere. That place is a mess. I could fill a book, but I’m glad they are finally being outed by the government and the media. I just wonder what took so long. Kaplan was the most traumatic and unpleasant experience of my entire professional life, and part of the healing process has been pushing it into the recesses of my memory, until this ABC News report the other day brought it all back. If there is a class-action student suit, I would gladly testify against them from a former insider’s perspective.

  6. Robert Freeman says:


    Thank you for taking the time to put up this resource. There are literally thousands of complaints that can be found on the net in the last year about Kaplan. I found your site off a post you replied to at http://dailycensored.com/2010/08/11/kaplan-university-is-a-criminal-enterprise-that-must-be-indicted-under-the-ricco-act/ I would like to get as much publicity and am glad that there appears to be some type of steam picking up for legal recourse. I encourage anyone that finds this to do your best to spread the word around. Thank God for the internet and that we still have our freedom of speech.

  7. Shannon Croteau says:

    Hey Ang,
    You are getting great feedback here. I really think that there are strong cases against Kaplan and I have contacted numerous atty’s and news outlets and I think if we all bombard the same place we will be heard. There needs to be an organized game plan. Let’s hope we can do this, I am still waiting for the atty in DC to call back (Thurs. Morning) and I contacted another law firm in MN and waiting to hear back and the atty in NH. Hopefully I can return with more info.
    Talk To You Soon,

    • Dawn Baker says:

      I know this is five years later, but did you ever get a class action in motion? If so, can another one be started?

      • Dawn, it seems the attorney we contacted could not handle the amount of students contacting him and dropped the ball? I have no clue. I quit calling there for the status of class action suit. There has to be SOME attorney somewhere with balls big enough to go up against Kaplan/Washington Post. If you see this Shannon, I miss you and so much has changed. My whole life was ruined by this, but I am still alive. Wondering how you are?

  8. Angel says:

    I am a student at Kaplan. I have had nothing but problems with the FA office since starting at Kaplan in November of 2007.

    Back in mid January of 2010, I began to do my FAFSA for the new “year”. Yet it took going through 2 different FA advisors to finally get the paper work done. However, the second FA Advisor never did my qualifications for my SEOG (At least it never showed on my FA Forms).

    I never received any letters or emails stating that Kaplan was raising their tuition. As a matter of fact I was not made aware that there had been a raise in the tuition until my FA Advisor completed my FA awards and posted it all online in March 11, 2010 I received this email from the FA office:
    Because you have outstanding or missing documents, you may be blocked and unable to begin classes for your upcoming term. Our records indicate the following documents are missing:

    FA 10-11 Independent Verification Wkst

    We can help you secure and submit your outstanding or missing documents as soon as possible so you will not miss the start of your next term. Please call the Financial Aid Office immediately at 1.888.297.0014 (Toll Free), so your academic progress remains uninterrupted. Even if you believe your file is up-to-date and accurate, please contact us to clear up the discrepancy.

    If you have completed your outstanding or missing documents, please submit them to our office at Fax 1.866.251.8727.

    Please call the Financial Aid Office now to ensure your file is complete. Thank you for your immediate attention.


    Kaplan University
    Financial Aid Office
    Toll Free Phone: 1.888.297.0014
    Toll Free Fax: 1.866.251.8727

    Office Hours:
    Monday- Friday: 9:00 am-10:00 pm ET
    Saturday 10:00 am-7:00 pm ET

    When I realized that the tution had been raised from $336.00 per credit hour to $371.00. I immidiately emailed my Finanacial Aid Advisor, LeWanda Martin asking why the change without notification. Of course it fell on deaf ears, or rather blind eyes, because she never responded. I was finally directed to file a complaint with the Review Committee.

    On March 31, 2010 I filled out the form for the Review Committee and emailed it to them, as I was directed to. Mind you, I have my email account set up to sent me an immidiate return receipt email once the one sent is opened. As of today, the emails to the Review Committee have yet to be opened. However, I received an email from a Terri Legocki stating that they have reviewed my complaint and found that an email was sent to me on February 1, 2010, via FinAid5, stating that the tution had gone up.
    It appears that the person that sent this email to me today, merely “typed” information on this specific correspondance to make it look like they copied and pasted an email.

    I am fed up with the problems with the financial aid department and need help.


  9. Patrick says:

    I am having problems with Kaplan. I had to withdraw for medical reasons after trying to work with a “academic adviser”. I would like to be kept informed of any legal action taken. Thanks.

    • Denise says:

      my husband is in the same boat as you….the financial aid department harrassed him so much during times that he finally withdrew because it was making his medical condition worse…now they want him to pay back money.

  10. Gary says:

    I can’t thank you enough! Just this site, making contact information available to those who have been deceived by Kaplan, is more headway than most individuals have made. After 2.5 years of fighting with Kaplan, and after contacting the BBB (who in its own right can’t do much)I finally get a small email that only now will they begin to investigate the matter.

    I will try to contact the attorney you mentioned so I can be apart of this!

    Once again, thank you!

  11. Anderia says:

    Wow Angelique! Thanks for being determined enough to create this resource.

    I logged into my grad education course on Friday morning and read through the entire syllabus and course home links. Posted my Unit 1 comment introducing myself to the instructor and classmates. Logged out feeling positive about the start of my last 3 courses in the MAT program.

    Approximately one hour later, I receive an email from Kaplan advising me to conduct my exit loan counseling online. WTF??? I respond that I have not graduated. Receive another email that my school status has been changed. Attempt to log into my student account only to find it now disabled. WTF??? Call Kaplan, long story short, I have been dismissed from the university for failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress within the 150 percent time frame for the program.

    So this school takes in millions in revenue per year, and no system is in place to flag my account to prevent further enrollment and/or to notify me after the previous term’s grade were posted that I will be dismissed? My acaddemic advisor is out-of-the-office on special assignment. Her manager is out-of-the-office until next week. I love how efficient these officials of higher education are when they’ve “taken” thousands from you.

    I’ll take a day or two to relax and organize the details/dates of my demise with Kaplan University. I will then email the attorney.

    We are stronger than we know.

  12. Janee says:

    I have spent the past several days trying to locate someone to help me. You are my guardian angel. When I saw this page, I started to cry. There is hope now. I have been a student at Kaplan University since 2004. The first year or so attending classes was great, but then it all went down hill. Twice I requested some time off to 1. help my parents with my ailing brother, and 2. The day that my brother passed away. Both request were denied, and I was told to finish what I had started. There is so much that has happened that I have become mentally and physically tired from all of their crap. Everyday I am getting phone calls from the Financial aid department about account overdue notices, missing documents, problems with FAFSA, selective service forms, etc. As of right now, I am barred from entering my classes. They have disabled my account and can no longer access my classes unless I pay 8,200 dollars right now. I could fill this entire page of what has happened to me with this, so-called, school. I have e-mailed the attorney listed, Mr. Andrews, and I hope I hear from him or someone from his office soon. Please feel free to contact me anytime, so we may discuss this issue or progress. I am right their with you, and hope we come out on top from this situation.

    Thank you so much,

  13. Angelique says:

    Thank you everyone for all the comments! I hate the fact that we have had to experience all of this, but am glad I am not alone in this.

    I wanted to pass on something that I feel is important. I have had some difficulty in getting a “quick” response (or any response) from John Andrews when corresponding. Sometimes emails and phone calls are not returned. So, my recommendation is to keep plugging away and speaking to various attorneys that deal with these issues. This is not easy in any way since it requires rehashing your story each time you need to correspond with someone. For me, this means major stress. I do feel that we are getting somewhere though!

    Also, be sure to ask any attorney who you feel gives the impression they are “taking this on” whether or not they are your attorney on record from then on.

    Additionally, be sure to write various media outlets (investigative journalists, not main stream talking heads that sound the same) and get your story out. Kaplan needs to be held responsible for what they are doing and sometimes the media has a way of putting on the pressure or just getting the story to who needs to hear it.

    Please feel free to email me at any time at angelique(at)porphyrins(dot)org

  14. sickandtired says:

    I am a former employee of Kaplan and the amount of sex discrimination and unfairness I endured over my 3 years there was unbeliveable. My manager made it a point to hire only his buddies, and those buddies were treated a hell of a lot better than I was. They were given preferential treatment and tools that helped them become successful (of course not on the own merits). I know that my former department manager and director are being investigated by HR on several issues right now, including the things I have mentioned above. I want to be able to take part in that investigation, but I am not sure how, since I am not employed there anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

  15. Shannon Croteau says:

    I have been working with Angelique for a while now and I just wanted everyone to know that I am available also at shannoncroteau@yahoo.com and I really want to get things going also. I spend my days talking to Attorneys and tell some of my story only to find out they “Do Not Handle That Kind of Law”. If I had names interested in Class Action both Angelique and I can get it going. I am a victim also and I am out for blood, like everyone else. I am on the east coast and I along with Angelique have been working our fingers to th bone, sharing information and most of all supporting each other when it is too much and I invite all of you to support each other too, as this is a monster and it will take a lot of us to take it down.


  16. Marlene says:

    Omg…thank you Angelique for offering a place for Kaplan victims to come. I was a first term student starting on aug 25th and I decided today to withdraw so I think I’m getting out of dodge in time. Of course not with out penalty. I am actually on the phone with financial aid right now trying to make sure they cancel my federal aid. I’ve already contacts direct loans to inform them of my decision to withdraw so if Kaplan accepts any disbursement…clearly that’s illegal. But it’s so frustrating. I only wanted to attend Kaplan for medical assisting bc some of the courses, although not transferrable, would possibly prepare me for nursing school next year. I knew I probably was not going to complete the degree but I really love school and learning. This sure is an experience with a hefty price tag. Whoever said that the instructors dumb down the course material, they were right. After one week of classes I saw that. And what is so sad is that there are ppl I that are really excited about being back in school and really want to better themselves and there families and Kaplan is taking advantage of them. It really makes me want to cry. There are so many alternatives to getting a good education than going thru them. And why aren’t institutions like this regulated in there financial practices? Why hasn’t the US Dept of Education stepped in to regulate them or completely shut them down? So many questions!!! I am prepared to join you all in this fight. Student services informed me that although I only attendended 1 week of classes, I am responsible for 50% of tuition, medical assisting lab fee of $900, and something else. All totaling $4000!!! I have been to traditional schools before and I have never seen anything so ridiculous!

  17. Sandi says:

    I just found your site! Thank you for all of this information!! I haven’t even withdrawed from Kaplan yet, and I have been harassed, by phone and email from the financial aid departement over charges that can’t seem to explain to me! Then when I question where these charges came from and explain to them how I KNOW I do not owe them anything, they switched around the information to make it more current and also changed the amount I owe! I have saved every email to my personal email address that was sent to the financial aid department trying to resolve this issue so that it hopefully will be helpful to the attorney. Thanks again for all the info!!!!

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  19. stacie says:

    I just found this site. It honestly gives me some hope. Kaplan owes me money. I am currently a student their and I want to get out and transfer to another university but i am afraid if I do so I will never see me the thousands of dollars that they owe me. I have been in contact with both finanical aid and the business office at least 6 times a week with no progression. Everytime I talk to someone they tell me my check was mailed out that day, a few days go by and they say my check would be mailed out that day I call the next day and they say my check would be mailed out later that day. Its against the law to withhold MY federal funds! I have tried and tried to get answers and no one will help me or they just straight up lie to me and say my money would be mailed out that day. I am sick of it. its been 4 months and I haven’t got one penny from Kaplan. I am a veteran of war I earned my educational benefits! HELP!

  20. Casey says:

    Hi, My name is Casey and im currently trying to find a lawyer to help me sue Kaplan University. I was misled in my degree only to find out that my Bachelors once finished would be no good. I am also having student account issues with them sending me to collections for no reason. There is so much more to tell but I have a major headache from dealing with this crappy school!!! Please anyone feel free to contact me kccooper84@yahoo.com Maybe we can find a solution together!!!!

  21. shawn baldwin says:

    I have to say after attending Kaplan and dealing with their FA being put threw a FA verification that I was never selected for, waiting for living expense checks that are several weeks over due, and being given every excuse in the book I am more then ready for some one to start a class action Law suit, I have also just learned that the BA I now Have over 30k into getting is not transferable I asked many detailed questions about weather it was transferable and if I would be able to attend law school at cooley and told yes by the school that it is not 30K down the drain that I now have to pay back. I will for sure be calling this attorney…

  22. Charlotte Hutchins-Scott says:

    My name is Charlotte and in June of this year I was suppose to graduate from Kaplan University receiving an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems. However, during my last term I submitted proof and filed a grieveance with the school because someone went online to change my degree program to make it appear that I needed to take a class that I have proven to already taken. I retained a lawyer but was later unable to pursue my case due to my financial situation. Therefore, Kaplan is keeping my degree that I have earned because of this one class. They said they would pay for me to come back to the school to take the class again but refused to admit that they falsified documents.

  23. JIll says:

    My name is JIll and i have been receiving calls from Kaplan telling me I owe them in excess of 5K. I do not understand this??? I withdrew from the school due to something that happened in my life, I was a financial aid student and they were even receiving my Pell Grant I did not know until recently that I could of been receiving the funds. I did complete my Associates degree with them, and was continuing my education on my BS in Psychology.
    I am on my way out to work right now, no thanks to Kaplan but will be contacting the attorney shortly
    So glad I found this site

  24. ViV says:

    All I can say is that Kaplan University is a big rip off especially for employees. As a former employee I can attest to the fact that the management team at Kaplan make false promises to employees, no matter how great of an employee you are and no matter how hard you work, each time you try to get an advancement through the company, if somebody in the management team does not like you, they will hold you back and create a reason to stop you from advancing or getting promoted to another position or another department. I also would like to agree with the post by Kishmir, Kaplan in know for lying to employees over and over again, and Kishmir is correct when you are do a raise, right when you are about to receive that raise that should be retroactive you get fired for unknown reasons with no warnings and after they fire you they refuse to give you the money that you are owed for the time that you worked there.
    I am currently looking for an attorney for legal advise regarding this issue

  25. Ted says:

    I am in the same boat, and now will default on many bills I have promised to pay on with my Federal Loan money. I have called the Lender who assured me the money has been there with Kaplan for weeks. I have talked to so many people in the FA dept, (I believe you must hold a Masters in Ignorance to work there by the way), and I get a different answer every time. My FA adviser will not call me back, my student adviser has not answered any questions or concerns for me on this matter, Now I have what 48 grand in loans to pay back, and they are keeping my money! I want to kill them all at this point from the frustration and outrage over the fact I am defaulting too on my mortgage pmt as well as all my other bills. I want to join every class action suit against that I can find. If anyone knows of any others let me know. This school is a joke, I graduated with a BS (Bullshit) in there case degree in Forensic Psychology, not one job offer, and decided it must be that I needed a Masters so went back like an idiot. Now, I am in the hole for nothing! Please help!

  26. JoannaSommer says:

    My sympathy goes out to all of you. I too am a victim of this “University”. I spent one full year with Kaplan and had to withdraw because my husband left on a 8 month deployment with the military, which left me to care for my three children alone. Now my husband is back and I am enrolling in another school and Kaplan will not release my transcripts until I pay uhmm 3510.07 or one of them said 2335.00.On top of that my transcript will only transfer into quarter credits.(The school doesn’t tell you that.)As with others I have been on the phone with numerous people and departments being told many different things and the funny part is I called the collection agency they claimed the debt went to and they had no record of me. Though Kaplan could not give a number to which agency has my debt because they use multiple agencies. What the hell is that! I called my loan company and they informed me that they paid out the loan on a term by term basis and they paid for the quoted term that Kaplan says was unpaid. Like everyone else I am at my wits end and need to take action and would love to participate in a class action suit. I also plan to contact my military JAG lawyer and see if they can help as well. I am completely amazed at how much damage Kaplan has done to so many people. I really thought I was the only one. So basically I am a little over a 11,000.00 in debt in student loans used up 8000.00 in pell grants and have a out of pocket debt of 3500.00 and no transcripts to show for it and to boot if in some miracle they release my transcripts they will only be worth 3 credits a piece instead of the 5 they promised.

  27. michael says:

    I am heartbroken that all of you have had a terrible experience. As an Admission Advisor,I am one of the majority who actually care about their students and will take the time to listen and follow up with their problems in various departments. We are dedicated people who have high ethics and we are caught between a rock and a hard place. I have many successful students who love their education that they are receiving from Kaplan. Management has to change and I feel that the corporate management is about to do a major overhaul. I have been disciplined in the past for trumped up charges and this is why I am looking into filing a suit through an employment lawyer. They say there is no justice in the world but please remember that all of us and there are many who still work at Kaplan do care and will do everything to make your experience fruitful. I am waiting very soon to slam them {management} where it hurts and see that they are removed. good luck to all of you

  28. CJ says:


  29. LL says:

    I left in November and am ready to move forward. I am not posting my email here but feel free to post yours and I will contact. I was in Orlando. Looking forward to talking with you.

  30. Chase says:

    Is this still going on? I was a student at Kaplan for four terms (with a 3.95 GPA mind you) and went on a two term leave of absence right before the birth of my second child (you know, so I could give birth and all). I called FA to figure out what I owed and get square with them. They told me I had a $500 credit on my account from making an unnecessary payment. In September, they sent me a check for that amount. Awesome, I was square. When the time came to go back to school, I had decided on a different direction. I withdrew a week before classes would have started without even registering for another class. This week I get a bill from Kaplan for $5350.00. For what?? I can’t through to ask. I’m always on hold! I received a paper statement saying the same thing. It tells me I owe but it won’t tell me what I’m being charged for! I haven’t taken a class since July and I had a credit on my account in September, which I was sent a check for! So how in the world did I rack up $5350.00 without registering for another class! I need help. I certainly can’t get any by calling financial aid.

  31. Tedd says:

    I will keep this brief.

    Kaplan scammed my wife with “surprise fees” that she had to pay right before graduation.

    They would not allow her to graduate until she paid them an additional $5,000.

    This money was never disclosed prior to enrollment, or previously discussed, and it was imposed upon us outside of FAFSA.

    We had to pay via Credit Card, so that debt had to be paid at 18% instead of 2%!…but Kaplan did not care – they just wanted that money quickly.

    Kaplan touted their legal programs as valuable, a great stepping stone into a good legal career.

    However, their legal programs are not ABA (American Bar Association) approved, a fact we knew nothing about, or were even aware mattered.

    No HR Director even cared to hear about her Kaplan degree because it was not ABA approved.

    Kaplan’s legal degree’s are as worthless as a blank sheet of paper. They are NOT valuable. They made false statements. That is fraud.

    Anyway, that is the brief version.

  32. Ticia Manuel says:

    I would like to know how do or where do I sign up and get information for the lawsuit I really have serious issues with this school and their lying and schemes that they tell poeple to sign up.
    They over charge and demand cash money or will block you from the classes.

  33. AM says:

    I am a former employee and student. I can testify to the training used to push people into enrolling. It distrubed me when I was pushed to enroll student I knew did not meet the criteria for online education such as not meeting the so called entry exam- wonderlic. As a student, I realized soon after my second term that I did not enjoy online education, the so called adivor pushed me into continuing by making me feel like a failure. I finally woke up, resigned and withdrew. I with drew within three days of starting the term yet they are still charging me full term. Please Please contact me if you need more more details for the lawsuit. I still keep in contact with many former employee.

    • pam says:

      hello my son received a large bill during his classes saying that he didnt fill out a parent teacher form on time so he quit now they have sent him to collections they told us that they took care of it.and we owed 0 balance. we sent in all papaer work on time but they acted like they never got anything we have copies do u know where we can get any help on this i dont want his credit ruined. thank you -pam-my email is pamashchris@hotmail.com

  34. Heather says:

    I am also having issues with Kaplan. They say that I have missing documents although I have sent them in countless times. I am blocked from my classes which is why I failed my last two. I am now about to fail two more. I am also receving emails and phone calls about the missing documents. I am very stresses and I do not have the time to get the run around from this school. I need help asap. Please let me know if you or someone you know is willing to help me. Thank you.

  35. Angelique says:

    It is so horrible to see so many that have been screwed by Kaplan. For all of you looking for support and what to do next, please visit the Yahoo group that was formed for the victims of Kaplan (both employees and students) here:


    There is a lot of work to be done and we need your help!


  36. Heather R. Allen says:

    Hi my name is Heather Allen and I am a former Kaplan student. I really enjoyed my experience with Kaplan Online University until I compleated my coursework. I finished this in November 2010. Before I was scheduled to finish I called Kaplan to make sure everything was clear for my graduation and was told everything was fine, I had no balence or charges. I spoke with a Financial Aid representative back in October. I logged onto my student accounts in Dec, 2010 only to see that my balence went from 0.00 to $ 953.00. I was then
    told my pell gant had been sent back and they needed me to send more paperwork. I sent the “missing paper” over 5 times in a month and spents hours on the phone with kaplan representatives. It is now Jan and the balance has not been cleared nor will Kaplan send my transscripts to Liberty University. I am so tired of getting the run around and getting nowhere with these people!! Something needs to be done quickly!! I enrolled at Kaplan to furthur my education and my career , and now all I seem to be getting is nowhere! Perspective employeer’s want my degree and I am not even able to produce one!
    I had a 3.79 GPA and was asked to join several honor societies, all I want is the degree I earned !! I worked hard for this and Kaplan is cheating it’s students. I would be more then willing to tell anyone of my troubles with this so called university! I live in Louisiana [Phone # deleted by Admin for privacy purposes] or heatherrochelleallen(at)live(dot)com. [Email address also edited by Admin]
    Thank You,
    Heather R, Allen

  37. Monica Crimmins says:


    You are an absolute treasure. I will be contacting Mr. Andrews with a complaint. I am still a student at Kaplan and have not withdrew because I only have 15 weeks left. I am having the issue that they only gave me under 4 hours to sign an MPN before they charged me $2930 for a class!!

    Thank you for your help!!

  38. Sandra Bures says:


    I am still a student at Kaplan and I am hoping to save my sanity and leave at the end of this quarter. Iam totally disabled and have not been able to work for well over 10 years. When I enrolled I confided to my recruiter that information and how much I wanted to return to work etc..He took that and used it . The reality is there is no cure for the disability only control with medication. They began to deny me my financial aid etc.. They messed with my grades etc..I worked many years to be able to function etc..now I have taken such a hard step back Iam barely leaving the house, or getting out of bed. I will be contacting Mr Andrews asap. This has been a god send.

  39. David Babbitt says:

    I attended classes at a Kaplan school which was formerly Hamilton college. After earning over 40 hours of credits in paralegal studies, I learned that my school was not accredited. I went on to a local comm. college and earned an as degree in Sociology. They only accepted 11 of the 40 Kaplan (nothing but elective classes) no Gen. Eds.credits due to a lack of “viability”.I then went on to earn a Bs in Human Services with a Psych minor from a “real College”.My experience at Kaplan was costly and a complete rip-off. They prey on welfare moms and individuals who would never be able to complete courses at legitimate schools. I have spoken to Iowa senator Amanda Reagan regarding this matter and she could care less. Even a Federal attourney told me that Kaplan walks a fine line on the edge of a razor regarding their status as a leagal entity. Feel free to contact me and I admire for taking the time to address this urgent issue. Best Regards, David

  40. Jon says:

    I am just checking to see if this blog is still active. I have some info and some problems. I am a Kaplan student. These posts look old so please post and let me know if this lawsuit is still in the works.

  41. Marjorie Etienne says:

    Hello Jon — yes this is still active. If you need up-to-date information, please send an email to the owner this blog @ takenumdown2010@yahoogroups.com

    The same people that post here (and many other) are part of that group. Thanks for taking the time to voice your frustration.

  42. Kesh says:

    Well, I am yet another victim of KU’s shady practices. I needed to take a leave due to job responsibilities. Spoke with my academic “advisor” who suggested that I withdrawl and guess what happened? I owe them money out of thin air! I was not “advised” properly and cannot retun until I pay this huge sum of money! I do not have that kind of money! Where in the world di this huge amount of money come from anyway? Did they just make it up? I need some help and fast! I am stressed and destraught and really have no clue where to turn for help! I feel bullied and bamboozled! Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

  43. Angelique says:


    Unfortunately circumstances with Kaplan have caused me much financial grief and because we are just getting by, I need to cut out extra expenses such as my web hosting account. I use this account for my blog (Angelique’s Rabbit Hole), websites and emails, but have to re-arrange everything in order to close it by March 2nd.

    This is to notify all of you of this change since the URL for the blog will be changing, and to invite (if I have not already) each of you to the Yahoo Group formed by Shannon Croteau titled, “takenumdown2010” which can be found here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/takenumdown2010/

    Again this is a reminder that this particular blog will not be available at this URL after March 2nd. The new URL for my new blog will be: https://angeliquesrabbithole.wordpress.com/

    I am not sure exactly how to transfer everything over to the new blog, so may not be able to keep my previous posts which will include those about Kaplan.

    Additionally, I highly recommend that all former students and employees file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General as well as their own state attorney general’s office. The FL attorney general can be contacted at:

    Rene D. Harrod
    Office of the Attorney General
    Economic Crimes Division
    110 Southeast 6th Street
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    Telephone: 954.712.4600
    Facsimile: 954.712.4658

    As for John Andrews (attorney mentioned in my post), I am unclear about what he IS doing and so assume contacting him is a waste of time.

    You can reach me at the following email address: madhatter(at)powerc(dot)net for all Kaplan related correspondence.

    Angelique R. Abeare-Welch

  44. Wow!!!! I withdrew from Kaplan over a year ago because of a bunch of different reasons. I’ve periodically researched about lawsuits and read lawsuits that mirrored my problems with Kaplan, but I always hit a brick wall. I’ve always said since before I withdrew that if I ever heard of a lawsuit, I’d be the first to sign up because they have screwed me over so bad!!! It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about everything, but thankfully I kept literally EVERYTHING from Kaplan…letters and emails and phone records. PLEASE! Contact me and let me know what I need to do. I will be going over all of my records and try to write up my story or something. I’m on facebook. facebook.com/theroadislong send me a message if you need to.

  45. Clifford Blizard, Ph.D. says:

    For the past year, I have been a part-time faculty member at Kaplan University, in the Science Department. I have also designed a science class for Kaplan, and worked briefly for the Kaplan University Math Center. I am proud to say that I work for Kaplan, and proud of the quality of education and concern for students that I have seen during my time there. Faculty are top-notch, and genuinely care about their students. I am also impressed by Kaplan’s efforts to improve the admissions process with a new program in which student not measuring up academically to Kaplan’s standards are dismissed during their first term without having to pay for their schooling to that point.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts about Kaplan on your website. I understand that they reflect a contrary view to many of the other posts there, but I think it is important for us to recognize that situations are not black and white. There are usually many shades of gray. In the case of Kaplan, there are a lot of quality, caring instructors employed by Kaplan, and it is not merely a “scam” as some blogs purport.

    Kind regards,
    Clifford Blizard, Ph.D.

  46. Christopher DeWitt says:

    I have an issue…I really need some help… I attend Kaplan University and have not going on 3 years. Everything was fine till last week. I had a balance to pay the school roughly $300 dollars which was no big deal. The week after I got a call from the school and the billing center said I owed $2789.00 and she said are you ready to pay…I explained to her I have no idea what that amount is from and that I’ll call her back that I am calling financial aid department. She insisted that I pay that moment so I finally got off the phone with her, then when I called financial aid and they said that a pell grant was refunded back to fafsa due to them having an audit sometime back in late October. The pell grant that was refunded she said was in the year of 2008-2009. That was 3 years ago…I said really…is this a joke…I told her that I was more than eligible that year because I was not even working. She said that was not the issue…the issue was that they submitted a form late but at the time this happened back then fafsa and the school approved it…not 3 years later this big amount comes out from nowhere and this pell grant was refunded. I spoke to 6 people in billing and 1 supervisor that all said they are sorry that this happened and even admitted that whoever dealt with the form was at fault…but if I do not pay this amount to them that they will not allow me to graduate. I called fafsa and they said that they can’t go back that far to see any information…but I told them that they can go back that far to take the money back thought…but they say they can’t help me…I do not know where else to turn but to a lawyer. I have the money to pay them as of now but that is not the point…My point is that they messed something up and want me to pay for their mistake…I even told them that…they just kept saying sorry to me. All their conversations are recorded and noted in their systems. Please help me if you can…Thanks
    Contact Information
    Christopher DeWitt

    • Alita Dawn Carpenter says:

      I know you! We’ve had classes together! Kaplan did almost the EXACT thing to me! Said there was an audit and they found that I owed $300 from 2008 but I wasn’t notified until November 2010. I’ve talked to countless people, one of which told me it was a mistake that was made by someone there. Later on that claim was taken back but the amount jumped from $300 to $1600! When I enrolled I was told I wouldn’t have to pay anything until 6 months after graduation and now I’m being blocked this friday for not paying! I have a chronic leukemia that is often stirred up by stress and this whole thing has made me literally ill. I live on Social Security and have 5 kids! I can’t afford to pay my bills let alone the school right now. My family has been living on the hopes and dreams that I would be able to get a good job when I’m finished with school and now it looks like it isn’t going to happen. I have 132 of the 167 credits needed to graduate and I checked into other colleges but if I transfered (which might not even be possible if Kaplan won’t release the transcript because there is money owed) I would only be able to keep 50-60 of those credits at another school. I will definitely be contacting this lawyer!

      • Get copies of everything, your account breakdowns, statements and anything that will help try to figure out the numbers. Kaplan is a joke. Email me at :madhatter (at) powerc (dot) net. John Andrews is a nice man, but has not taken steps (that I know of) to help us in any way. It is terrible what is happening. Wish I could chat more but things are just to crazy and busy.

  47. Crystal says:

    Please help I need these people to pay for what they have done my time with Kaplan has been horrible and they lie and expect me to pay them for a mistake they have made uuuugh!

  48. Angelique,

    You are helping a lot of people with this blog; you have done a lot of work on it, and many, many people are finding it useful. If you are able to update the Andrews Law Group email, that will also help people. The best email address is: admin@andrewslawgroup.com. When people email us, I can also send them back some complaint forms from the Attorney General’s office, which will help in the investigation for the class action lawsuit against Kaplan.

  49. Sarena Love says:

    Hello all,
    I am also a victim of Kaplan (so-called) University. I applied for a BA Nutrition Science, a degree that they told me would be highly useful. I trusted them, in good faith. As I started looking for jobs in this field, I found that I had little to no options, besides perhaps a line cook or manager at a fast food chain – not at all what I was aspiring to do! In addition, their tuition is ridiculously high for an online college. There is no overhead for them pay so why are they charging so much? I actually was not told the cost of a four year degree until after I withdrew. (I asked, of course, but was never given a straight answer). It was over $60,000! And all for a degree I could do nothing with. On top of this, they still said I owed then money because student loans did not cover all the expenses. I paid them thousands out of pocket and in addition I owe around $15,000 or so in student loans – in the small time period of about a year. I never saw a dime. Kaplan kept every last cent. So not only are they falsifying information and overcharging students, they are taking money from the Feds. Something needs to be done. I say they should have to pay back the Feds the money and student loans should be forgiven, because this is a scam. This is not a University – it is the very type of corporation that is ruining our country’s economy. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    • Margaret says:

      I am having almost the EXACT same problem as you! I had to withdraw because I have almost reached my borrowing limit and I can’t afford to finish this degree. It makes no sense to me that an undergraduate degree can cost more than the undergraduate borrowing limit!

  50. CONNIE FLATT says:

    I was ripped off and scammed by Kaplan and seeking justice, are you still trying to file a class action becuase if you are, I am truely interested!

  51. Robert says:

    Well written article. While online education is gaining some traction in traditional academia (USN&WR is planning on ranking various distance learning programs), schools such as Kaplan and UOP will continue to devalue and degrade those advances so long as they operate without significant oversight.

    • Thank you very much Robert for your kind comment and for taking the time to read 🙂 Much appreciated. I honestly cannot understand why Kaplan is still alive and enrolling. It was a horrible experience and the decision to attend this crap college has ruined my future.

  52. Sarena Love says:

    Hello All,
    Well I have filed a complaint to the Florida Atty. General Economic Crimes Division, as well as to the Atty General of my home state of Arkansas regarding Kaplan. I did hear back from The AR Atty General’s office. They recieved a 3 page letter from Kaplan cronies stating that they reviewed my case, and that I have no reason to be ‘disappointed’ with my attendance to that school. They state that they never told me that I could be a nutritionist with a Nutrition Science degree….if that was the case, WHY in world would I have made the decision to start classes with them??? Also, they state that the money they collected from the feds on my behalf did indeed all belong to them…all $16,500.00 of it. I attended Kaplan for one lousy year. PLUS they collected from me, money out of pocket, over $2000. According to them, they applied “all federal loans disbursed to [my] tuition and fees.” What on earth school charges $16,500 in “tuition and fees” for only one year of school??? I know of medical and law schools that are brick and mortar that do not charge that much money! They also state that it does not matter whether I am an off campus student or not. If that was the case then, why am I getting a refund back from the legitimate, brick and mortar nursing school I currently attend?? How much overhead would an online college with virtual classrooms have anyway??
    With this said, I now have to send a reply to the AR Atty. General’s Consumer Protection Division within the next 10 days, otherwise this case will most likely be closed, as Kaplan so politely requested. If anyone can come up with some good suggestions on how I should fire back, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. I am not going to let this rest so easily. We must keep fighting this injustice to innocent people trying to better their lives. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  53. My Fiance is a victim of Kaplan and I am going to do everything in my power to help her find justice in the end. Without going into all of the drawn out details, she believes that Kaplan promoted and “over-sold” the Medical Assistant diploma program vastly. The MA job market is absolutely horrific and Kaplan knows it, yet continues to recruit new students into their program and put them out into the work world with a worthless ‘diploma’. This is a valid complaint and the Class Action Lawsuits involving Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institutes and other culinary schools, are paving the way for other victims to come forward regarding fraudulent diploma mills like Kaplan. I feel sorry for all of you. Please continue to educate yourselves and pursue answers!

  54. Danielle says:

    Is there still a lawsuit possibility? I just want them to not be able to do this kind of stuff to others. I went to Kaplan, spent $14,000 on a degree I can’t use. When I started I was told by the University that they would set up student teaching in my area so that I would be able to get my teaching license. In the time I went there Kaplan got a new Education department chair and when it came to doing student teaching they said they didn’t offer student teaching. Which is not what I was told when I was being recruited for the program. I graduated in Sept. 2010 and still have been unable to get my teaching license. Also in the time I went there credit costs increased from $325 to $370 with no previous warning. Suddenly I was being charged more without any kind of notice. Very disappointed in this University and I would never suggest it to anyone.

    • Kelli says:

      AND LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! You all would not believe the mess these people tried to pull. I have depressed for more than a year now. I surely hope we find justice. Scandals!!!

  55. Launna says:

    I am a current Kaplan University student and I’ve been upset with this school, despite the fact that I want to go back to school to obtain a degree. I think it’s down right WRONG with the school taking innocent people/students moneys. I also think it’s wrong that the school has threatened professors to down-grade their students grades just to keep a job. I’m sorry, but you think they would be the first to report it to the Dept. of Education. I am at the end of my term, and apparently, I have to retake one class (this will be the third and FINAL time…from what they said)…before I can take my externship. And the school just issued that if you don’t have a grade that is above “C”…not “C-“…but a “C” you have to retake the class…and in the next Feb. 2012 term…if you fall below 74.99 grade…your class is considered a “Fail” and you would have to take the class…again…= more money in their FREAKEN pockets. I’m to my breaking point of dropping, but within myself, I want my degree. There is so much more information I can provide. I would like to be in a class-action lawsuit with all the prior/current students and anyone that is associated with them. I am upset and I’m sure everyone who has experienced it is!

  56. Allie Wright says:

    The FA dept is a joke at Kaplan. I was to get the Accelerated Scholars Award for the Aug 2011 term. Early last week when I looked at my financial page the award was there only for it to be removed on Thursaday or Friday. I called and inquired about it and the FA officer I talked to first told me it was because it had not been approved. I then told her that it was approved and I could see the signed documents on the “Account Documents” page and in fact it was load on the page two times on the same day. She then transfered me to AA, who then had to transfer me back to FA. It is one big joke and this is just the latest problem I have had with them. The first one was my very first term. The are also charging students for textbooks but have switched everything to e-books. There are many of us that are having to use our own money to buy a physical text or to print the book because we cannot always have our computers with us the way we can a book. I am now in my final term and I am transfering to another college that is not loosing accrediations for their programs. Those in the medical assistant program are now having to deal with the college not being accredited anymore for that program so they are all paying for an education that they will never be able to use for a job.

    • Jonee Terry says:

      Hi Allie,

      My name is Jonee and I am currently in my last two term with Kaplan in their Medical Assistant program (AAS). I noted the comment about no longer being accredited?? Really? I had no idea, thats not what I was told. I’m in my last two terms and at a stand still because they have been unable to place me at a clinical site, umm! Please advise where to look up info on their loss of accreditation so when I contact a lawyer I will be able to supple this information. No wonder they can not place me.

      • Allie Wright says:

        There was an e-mail posted in a group on Facebook. the group is made up of Kaplan students but is not affliated with the school. The e-mail said it did not effect students enrolled in the program before September. I am in Human Services so I never recieved the e-mail, I just say it as another person’s post and saw all of the comments from others that had gotten it. I would suggest contacting AA to discuss it in more detail.

  57. Dan says:

    Thanks for the contact information. I have called and talked to John and am now compiling my records and timeline to e-mail his firm.

  58. Sally Vee says:

    RE: Kaplan Fraud 01/20/12

    I was enrolled at Kaplan University until yesterday. I was informed they had not

    received a copy of my official transcript from the college I previously attended and I

    was being dismissed but can appeal if I will send the transcript.

    In November, before classes began, I asked my academic advisor if there were any other

    documents needed prior to classes beginning and he told me that none were needed.

    I asked him in a phone conversation shortly after that if he had received my

    transcripts and he said he had.

    I began classes on December 7th. I was dismissed mid-term as of yesterday. When I

    called the academic advisor on January 18, 2012, I asked him if he had received the

    transcripts and he said he had. He said he would check into the situation and call me


    Debra Vanderwerp called me back yesterday afternoon and stated she would try to help

    but was not making any promises. She is a Senior Admissions Advisor.

    I received an email stating they only received the unofficial transcript.

    Much to my surprise, when I called my former college, they said they had no record of

    payment and forwarded no transcripts to Kaplan University.

    Kaplan enrolled me in the accelerated Bachelor’s program without proper documentation

    and pushed through my Pell grant and student loan.

    I am now $3000 in debt and I cannot pay it. Kaplan has called here twice today but I

    refuse to speak to them.

  59. Vanessa flores says:

    One person stated that Kaplan helps those who are single parents and have no money.

    My story…………………………

    One day while setting at the desk playing on Facebook I ran out of credits. So I looked for the free offers to fill out to get credits. I said oh ok look there was an easy one to where I could give a certain sight my number and a collage would contact me. “What a mistake” My phone could not handle all of the phone calls I received. In the next ten years I had planned on going to school to get my medical coding and billing degree. Kaplan University called me over and over. I let her know what my future plans were. She proceeds to tell me that a degree in medical coding and billing is not a good choice because in the future it would no longer be needed. She told me that they had a great program Called Medical transcription. She stated that it would be the same thing practically. I hung up and thought about it a bit. Over and over I received phone calls. I answered Kaplan once again and they threw in a $1000 dollars off of my last term and waive the technology fees. Ok well they suckered me into it. At first you could be late on home work. Which in major situations was ok? Then they changed it after me going for two years. I had been covered by financial aid the whole time and always had a positive or credit on my account. There was once they told me I needed to pay $100 dollars. That same term I had a credit of $700 dollars. After Medical terminology turned out to be not what I wanted I changed schools for one day. I actually got calls from Kaplan stating how Medical office management had an emphasis on coding and billing. I was never told about this program. You would thing if medical office management had an emphasis on coding and billing they would have told me about it in the first place. I do blame myself for not making choices and saying no. I finished school about two four months ago. I have yet to receive my degree. At the last term I asked about the $1000 toward tuition. I never received it. I asked financial aid if I could get a loan from them because my husband and I had separated and I could not afford the last term. The advisor told me I needed two denial letters form a loan institution. I got the denial letters and did not here from Kaplan anymore. I called and asked about it. That is when I got an ombudsman who told me I could not get a loan. She told me that I still had funds with my financial aid. I reminded her that I was only taking three courses. She said no problem. Just change my paper work and my aid would be based on a year instead of by term. After two years of school I had told her that I would need to fill out a paper so that money would be sent to me so that I could get the left over to pay my bills associated with school. They approved me for $1994 and $1995. That is after my tuition which was $1200. Everything went smooth. I got some of the money around $1995. They last day of class I checked my account and they had sent back all of the funding because I did not qualify for it. So they had me owing $2800. After throwing a fit they ended up assigning me an ombudsman who looked over my account and he stated that they should have not sent back $1000 of it and that the other would be wiped off my account because of the advisor telling me the wrong things? It was that easy! “Why was it so easy?” Because I took it upon myself and asked them on Facebook why they acted like this. They had many students respond with the same problem. I contacted the BBB and many congress men! MY externship was also based on me working 90 hours for a woman who left the company for surgery I did not learn anything toward medical office management. I was a free worker. I have got to be so ignorant. I should be getting my degree next week! We will see.

    Here is the real problem. There was not a test to see how smart I was, there was not a test to see if college was right for me. I was an extra thirty thousand dollars richer that the company was to receive. If I were to be given a test to see how much knowledge I have now about Medical office management or Medical coding and billing, it would actually be about 10% more than I knew before school which was nothing. Testing online does not work. It only works for those people who really want to learn. I wanted a degree under my belt. I finished with a 3.6 or so GPA. Sad right. That I had such high grades but learned nothing. How many people do you actually think learned what they needed to?

    • Rachel Burdick says:

      I completely agree with you. I talked to a John today and he is assigning an ombudsman to me, after I went legal on him. I told him I had no problems finding a lawyer and filing a lawsuit, since I have won two, when I got fired for going to school to be a cop, and for my house ordeal. I told him, the snowball effect started with them, and now its out of control. He was trying to blame it on me, I told him not to even try, considering Kaplan called me after the 7 day mark about this balance, and I have never had a balance to pay ever before until this term. I have only 5 classes left, they also convinced me with the 10% off tution every term because of the college I went to before. Every term I had to call and every term it was a hassel. There is so much its an organize choas there, and no one is in charge, its like a free for all.

  60. Vanessa flores says:

    Sorry I thought I had corrected my grammer.

  61. Rayfeel Jayness says:

    I’m currently a student a Kaplan U, due to graduate from a bachelors degree program in about 6 weeks. Around two thirds of the way through the program, I found out that Kaplan had made misrepresentations of itself to me during their recruitment and enrollment process. I was told that Kaplan graduates are sought after by employees and how Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were owners of the school. I was hounded by their student recruitment officers daily and nightly. I was told that a degree from Kaplan was more valuable than a degree from Full Sail online college, which I later found out to be untrue. My recruiter, Fernando and adviser, seemingly very nice people made it appear to me that Kaplan was a private university like any other private university. They gave me the impression that they were an accredited non profit organization never did they tell they were a for profit university and that Buffet and Gates were major contributors. I would have never enrolled into Kaplan had I known that it was a for profit university. I had never even heard of a for profit university. I feel that should be made clear to students during their recruitment, or at the very least, not allow their staff to tell potential students that they are non profit like any other private school. I found out afterward that a Kaplan degree is pretty much worthless as far as employers are concerned. They used the Federal Government as an endorsement of their reputability by stating things like, financial aid would not be a problem for me because the dept. of education recognizes them and holds them in high esteem. Low and behold, the dept. education has been investigating them for some time. Unfortunately for me, approval of a fully paid financial aid award was unwittingly enough confirmation for me. I feel I’ve been deceived and duped by Kaplan on several levels that would have detracted me from enrolling with them. I feel that myself and the American tax payer have been and are currently being financially swindled, to the tune of nearly $40,000 per student. Something must be done, the dept. of education can start by cutting all federal funding to Kaplan University, STAT. Kaplan currently has a 23% graduation rate. Many students are simply wasting their time and much tax payer dollars are going to waste on Kaplan University and the only ones benefiting are Kaplan’s stockholders. Someone please help.

  62. Rachel Burdick says:

    I am currently going through hell with Kaplan and it all started the begining of April, when I got a call stating that I owed around 1500 for tution. I was called serveral times and than call the FA people and they told me i could pay money towards the tution cost and be dropped from classes, or pay nothing and could be dropped from classes. I decided to drop, however apparently after 7 days you have to pay half the tution. They are the ones that called me and told me I owed them, never once did they ever tell me for this term I was going to be short money or I would have never enrolled this term. So last week my balance was up to 1600ish and as of today it is now at 2115. My transcripts will be blocked so I cant get them, I have 5 classes left have been on the presidents list and the deans list and have a GPA of 3.35. Im so angry, that they took my dream of getting a bachelors in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Corrections an schattered it. Today I told them Im sure the BBB would love to hear about this, and some legal people. I asked if they could send me documentation of my class to them and was told no. So, apparently the data privacy act doesnt apply to them. Its my information and my account and I cant have the information. I dont know what to do, but cry and be upset. My email if anyone would like to contact me is………burdick.rachel@yahoo.com

  63. Amanda says:

    I am in the same exact boat. I owe $20,000 in student loans on top of the thousands already paid, and I just found out that my degree is worthless here. I was informed over and over again by Kaplan that b/c they are accredited I would be able to transfer my credits in order to move on to get my Master’s and then my PhD. NO schools in my state take Kaplan credits; literally. I have to start completely over. I just wasted 2 years, and tons of money. I am ready to do something about it. I’m going to email that attorney. I was putting together all this stuff and was going to send it to this whole list of people I was putting together; government persons. I’m so glad I found this site.

  64. Jesse Arce says:

    i Have had concerns about Kaplan as well i attended in 2009 for Dental Assistant i graduated high school in 2007 so i finally decided to go back to school but i didnt want to spend 3 to 4 years in college so kaplan sounded really good at about 9 months. they helped me out to get finacial aid i was tottally suckered in i had no idea about school or anything finacials or nothing, but i just went ahead and started my coarse i was actually excited to be in school again. First couple of classes were okay nothing to crazy math was so basic i dont think we even did division or anythind but add and subtract 2nd grade math really, finally we got into hands on it all seemed cool until everything was really limited or promised to learn certain things and never got around to them. alot of group labs because there wasent enough for individual learning and really one day of learning something wasent really enough. The last couple of months there in when things got real bad we had instructors leaving to differnt shifts so there was an actual week when we didnt even have instructors in the class just us sitting around wasting our money not learning anything, finally they hired a new instructor for us who all he did was hit on the women there invite the to the bar after hours try to go partying with him (instructor was married with children), he was there for maybe 3 weeks tops and again he just stop showing up so we didnt have an instructor for like 3 days until they got somebody else to cover eventually i finished. time for externship i found my own site it was orthodontics, kaplan didnt teach orthodontics so basically everything i went to school for was for nothing because everything i know know i learned at im extern site i caught on real fast i was able to get hired after my 160 hours i got lucky i am a fast learner. anyways the way i saw it was i payed 14,000 to get an interview that i basically got on my own anyways because i found my own site, then later on i was told by my managers now that you dont even have to to go to school to get your RDA because my mangers got there RDA all they did was take a test and pay $70 i was real mad once i found that out. This school is in it just for the money and nothing more they even had a chart of a goal of money they had to collect from students posted in admins office. I have other co workers that i work with now that went to kaplan aswell and regret it also because they diodn not learn anything that we now know in orthodontics

  65. Diane Handing says:

    I am in the middle of a nightmare with Kaplan. I started with my Associates Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement in 2008 and proceeded with Bachelors Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology of which I am my last term. I was excited to to finally reaching the end of this degree because I had a few jobs lined up. I applied a year ago for a Juvenile Probation Officer job and last month they contacted me wanting updated resume, letter of interest and letters of recommendation. then I receive a letter stating they want me to set up and interview! WOW! I call and I am informed that my application will be put on hold because the state of Illinois may have issues with accreditation. What? I was told if I could prove accreditation with Illinois to give them a call back. I researched and according to Kaplan they are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, they are recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and they are approved by the Iowa and Illinois Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation. To verify I personally called the HLC and the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Kaplan is accredited. I called the “potential new job” and left a message with everything I found out. The next day as I am running on the treadmill, I get a call from them stating that because of the info I gave them they will give me shot but I had to be there within an hour for the interview because they already have other interviews scheduled and this was the only time before the deadline. I went, I answered questions, took a multiple answer test, and completed a writing exercise where I had to review a hypothetical case and describe my recommendations and the possible actions that I may have to take. Also, I was given a form for the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts- Probation Division (AOIC) that I needed to fill out and submit to verify that Illinois will/does accept the accreditation of Kaplan. I was filling out the form the next morning , when I receive a call from the “potential new job” stating that they made a call to the AOIC and they were told that Illinois will not recognize the accreditation of Kaplan University! I was no longer considered for the job that I was qualified for and worked hard for in school (4.0 GPA)! I inquired if there was anything I could do or if they had any suggestions. They said they do but I am not going to like them 1) go back to school for another 4 years with a university that the state will recognize or 2) move to a state that will accept the accreditation of Kaplan! Are you serious? Another issue is that IF I apply for any probation or court position (of which I went to school for) in another Illinois County that does not verify with the state in regards to the accreditation, I am at risk of committing fraud. Because if the department or division realizes the state does not acknowledge the accreditation I could be in trouble for fraud and may be held accountable. I went to school to have a career in criminal justice so I can make a difference, not put myself in a position where I have legal problems! The “not accepting me, potential new employer” stated that if I can get Illinois to recognize accreditation, to give them a call. But they feel it will be hard to do since the Illinois attorney General Lisa Madigan has a law suit going on against Westwood college (another for-profit school). She has also compiled a letter to address congress regarding for-profit schools and other states have joined her (these states are also within the range of the HLC accreditation, which means they may not acknowledge Kaplan accreditation now either! So basically since I had to use Financial aid for school, I will be in debt and default for a long time because I cannot use my degree!

    My whole plan was to find a job in my field BEFORE I graduated so I can start making the money I need, allowing me to budget so that when the six month period is up and the school bills start coming in, I will be able to pay back my loans! NOW THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    I have spoken with different deans and assistant deans of different schools withing Kaplan and it seems they are “lightly” addressing the situation by telling me they are on it, and that they will figure it out. However, I have given them all the contact information for the AOIC, (who stated the state of Illinois will not recognize the accreditation), and yet not one person from Kaplan has personally contacted them. Instead they tell me that they cannot prove that the AOIC has Kaplan on any list and that they want to review the job description for the job I just lost to see if they can go about it that way! WHAT? CALL THE AOIC!!

    I am at a loss! I feel like I should be attending a funeral! I am responsible, I work hard and what do I get in return? A degree I cant use, which means a student loan I cannot pay back. Why would Illinois approve Financial Aid if they are not going to acknowledge the accreditation of Kaplan? They have allowed me to incur more loans of which they have taken away my ability to pay. This is all a mess!

    • Allie Wright says:


      I am in a similar situation with my Associates Degree from Kaplan. Michigan will not accept a degree from there either. I did transfer to another school after I completed my Associate’s, but I am stuck with no income until I finsh the Bachelor’s program and find a job in 2 more years.


  66. Nicole says:

    Hi Angelique,

    I have also been mislead by Kaplan University- BIG TIME. I am a single mother of two who had been told by an advisor at Kaplan that I could become an attorney online and that the school is accredited and I should have no problem finding a job after school is completed. I live in Alabama and Kaplan is not accredited anywhere NEAR Alabama, nor is it accredited by any of the southern states. Why would a single mother of two rack up $50,000 in student loans for some degree that was not accredited by her state, or any state within a thousand mile radius?! Yes, you can indeed obtain your Juris Doctor…. IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! This is insane, they lied to me- and apparently recorded it! Also, right before graduation- they said I needed to come out of pocket with over $2,000 after I had been on assistance the ENTIRE TIME. Why would I ever had agreed to that? Now I have NO degree. They stole my precious financial future and now are stealing my taxes each year that are supposed to go to my children. This seems like a conspiracy! It is just awful. So, for the next 20 years, I will be handing over my tax refund to the government. My kids are so much better off after Kaplan came into our lives- YEA RIGHT! Oh Angelique, I hope something can be done about this!

  67. brandy says:

    i need some info on where to start i have just went through hell with kaplan indianapolis indiana. 5 classes away from graduation in the LNP program they basicaly pulled me out of class accussed me and a class mate of cheating on homework when our instructor told us to work together on our homework and we had for 6 of the shortened 8 wk quarter with not ever being told that it was a problem or of course we would not have worked together well never the less they kicked us out right then told us to go back to class so we could gather our things infront of the rest of the class as they escorted us through the building. well we both appealed we won our appeal but because i had some transportation issues the quarter before i withdrew from my class 2 wks in they gave me an F in that course but then i dropped another class 8 wks in and it went down as a withdrawl well any ways they claimed i had already failed two classes and they were gonna fail us both and make us retake the class i had received a c in this class pryor and received credits for it but they said i failed and made me retake it turned around claimred i cheated and flunked me in it I dont really understand i am not a cheater and i had an A in the class as a matter of fact in both of my classes. Also according to the schools website it states they refunded some money to me i never recieved it and when i asked the financial aid lady was rude never looked up from her desk and told me they returned it to the government cause they overpaid. The instructor would have us meet at clinicals and then have us go to breakfest and send us home and tell us not to tell no one. I did not receive what i payed for the buildings started closing the recourses faded Our lab time consisted of watching episodes of house. how is this a niursing program. They cant do this stuff legaly. i dont understand the law and dont understand what i can do. thanks, brandy
    email wilsonlawson3504@att.net

    • Ruth says:

      Having similar issue…complained last year and was accused of plagiarizing (not convicted) So here I sit 6 classes to go and no financial aid…what is worse is my daughter wants to go to med school…I can’t send her because I went to Kaplan and maxed my financial aid out for nothing, so I can be poor still with no job and no degree

      • brandy says:

        what is there deal with accussing everyone of plagerism I spoke with a guy yesterday that has a lawsuit on them and he said the samething they shut dwn the program and I think are trying to get people out so they don’t have to keep it goin to finish out the people who are there now I went to brown Mackie they excepted my credits but I am going to have a high out of pocket expense as well everyone is winning there lawsuits against them but are taking 6 to 7 yrs and only getting there tuition back I am broke and don’t know where to go from here

    • Dallas says:

      Get in touch with me. Indianapolis N.W. LPN program is the worst as well the staff are horrible liars. I know exactly what you went through as I am the student they loved to hate and tried some of the same tricks on me. It would appear that they are getting better at it because they were not successful at getting me out of the program. Of course I have very incriminating evidence against them and they know it. There is a reason they are closing down the LPN program. I already have an attorney and we are about to move forward with a lawsuit so do not take to long.

  68. Fabian A. Feliciano says:

    I want to know the ligitimacy of this site. I was a victim of Kaplan. The Loan amounts seem exaggerated and I’m not sure how to get out of it. I am fabianfeliciano@verizon.net

  69. Cassandra says:

    I am not there yet with all the money problems and things but I also have not looked. I am in my first term after being harassed for days and days by Tim Plum out of Clive,Iowa Kaplan University. I am a single mother, I do not have a job. After being pressured into MED ASSIST(this is my first term ever in any college) I had to ocmpletly change the program to med office management. I have had the WORSE time with one of my classes and may fail. I cant find out if I will be dismissed because I depend on financial aid, but my student adviser,( who only reads things off of her computer to me and doesn’t really know anything about the addendum) kep repeating this and this…you will be dismissed…blah blah you will be dismissed….she said this about five times. If I fail one class in the first term will I be dismissed but still owe the 34,000+interest or 50%? I didn’t get the roll over from loans(1500 which was two months living expenses) for weeks after I was suppose to, but my FA adviser had warned me of that. is it wise to just drop now? I am freaking out. They do dumb down material, but I am a student that benefited from that. I will get stronger sec term I know for a fact but adjusting to on line education and time management + several series of unfortunate events made assignments and projects late. Also, we don’t have class until the end of the week for two classes(one being med terminology) until Tuesday Night, which is the end of the week so we have class over the material AFTER the assignments are due. I think that’s a little peculiar. Any similar stories with outcomes??? Any information anyone can tell me PLEASE.

  70. Jody says:

    I know what you are saying. I was enrolled in Kaplan for only a few weeks and became very ill and had to withdraw from classes. Now they are telling me that I owe almost a thousand dollars on fees accrued while I was enrolled. How can this be since I was on financial aid to help pay all of my expenses. I do not understand this . I am now wanting to enroll in another school and cannot receive my transcripts due to the balance they say I owe. Any suggestions to how I can go about getting my transcripts from Kaplan? I feel that I was screwed as my financial aid now has been ruined and I cannot receive funding now because of this situation.

  71. Lisa Hendry says:

    My name is Lisa Hendry. I truthfully believe that I was a victim of fraudulent treatment from Kaplan University. I am writing this to tell my story.
    I started with Kaplan on July 1st, 2009, I was doing very well, making good grades, but I did decide after a few months that I wanted to change my degree plan from Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Web Design to Bachelor of Science in Human Services with emphasis in Child and Family Welfare, I have my reasons for the change and mostly because I decided I wanted to help people in need. Everything was going great until February of 2012, my husband had to change professions which put him going out over the road, I was working a full time job, taking care of my two children, and going to school full time, which resulted in a failing grade. I was told when I failed that “I could re-take the course up to 3 times”, so I re-took the course the second time and again I failed, I did not understand why I was failing, during the first failure I found out that my homework and tests were not being graded, I called technical support, and they helped me, but by the time the problem was fixed I still lost points for late work, and they did not even grade my final paper, so I called the school and they told me it was alright, I could try again. The third time I took the course I was given a e-book for the course that I did not have in my prior two courses. It did not dawn on me that I had the wrong book until halfway through the term, and by then I was starting to fail again. I was discouraged, and upset. At the end of August, of 2012, I received an e-mail from Kaplan stating that since “I failed the class three times I would be dismissed from school” I did not realize that I would be dismissed until I called the school to tell them what happened and why I failed. When I called Kaplan it was in September of 2012, I talked to an advisor named Jumah Day, this person told me that I could re-take the course elsewhere and possibly come back to Kaplan if I could prove I passed the course, but when I tried to explain about having the wrong textbook, I was cut off by the advisor and was asked to find another school altogether. I have problems finding a school due to the fact that I found out that Kaplan has taken ALL my financial aid, except $2000.00, I was told I owed $55,500 this was a surprise, knowing now I cannot get my education, unless I can ever qualify for private student loans, I cannot find a job that will except me for the credits I received. I had 132 credits of 180 with Kaplan, I had an cumulative GPA of 3.46, and a Enrollment GPA of 2.53. As stated earlier, at one time I was doing very well. I am not blaming Kaplan for all that has happened, but I am wondering what happened to my financial aid, because I have a family member who is working on her Doctorate Degree whom claims that she does not owe as much as I do. I am angry and all I want is to have the opportunity to earn my degree, I do not believe I was treated fairly, and at the end of my term, Kaplan actually added courses on to my schedule, I was supposed to graduate, September, 15, 2012, then it was changed to March of 2013. I feel that Kaplan lies to people , I have to wonder about the textbook problem, because I was too close to graduation.

  72. Chrystal H says:

    Hello all,
    My name is Chrystal H. I am also a victim of Kaplan University Online scamming program. I will make this short but enough information to let you know my side.
    I had attended Kaplan University online in 2008 I was going to get my accounting degree. At this time of enrollment I had spoken with a gentleman William Silva, he then assured me that all would be fine, financial aid will approve my Pell grant with no problems, that the school would be credited and that this education will take me wherever I want to take it. So everything fell into place so well I could still work, take care of my kids and attend school at a time that was easy for me, well life happened to kick me down and I had to withdraw from Kaplan after attending for 2 months, I had emailed the school and the instructors to let them know I would no longer be attending the school. I had then left an address if there was anything that they needed to contact me for. Well years go by and in 2011 I go to pick up my income tax money, but I find out that it had been garnished. I then have to make numerous phone calls to find out why I am not receiving my income tax. Well as I find out I had two federal student loans taken out under my name without my permission. I knew absolutely nothing about these two federal student loans.
    Well over the last year and a half of doing personal investigating I have found out that Kaplan University Online had me enrolled at two different times in the same year. I had A’s and B’s some C’s and D’s and F’s in classes, I find this hard to believe I earned these in two months of attendance. I also have found out that the PIN number they used on the MPN was my birthdate and not the number that was mailed to me from the financial aid department. I find that odd… also many more things that have shown its face. I just want justice served and Kaplan and all affiliates to go down (Karma is going to get you). I will be contacting the listed contacts above to see if I can get some help. I would really like for all of the students that have been wronged to get things right again. Thanks Chrystal H.

  73. david says:

    Is there anything that we can do… degree is worthless, and yet I owe over 38,999 and growing monthly… is there any lawsuits that we can join right now in 2013, this is ridiculous. that place was a complete ripoff and a joke. They swindle you in and tell you one thing, while doing an other, than just put you deeper in debt that is nearly impossible to pay off. all the time I spent and money for nothing..now suffering… HELP like everyone above, what can we do…?

  74. Rebecca Hammond says:

    My name is Rebecca Hammond. I enrolled in 2006 to get my AA in paralegal studies. When I was two classes away from graduating I was suddenly blocked from class. When I finally reached somebody I was told that I had an outstanding balance of $2000.00. Nobody could tell me where this balance came from or what it was for.
    When I enrolled I applied for financial aid and rec’d a couple of grants that would cover the entire two years. If I had the money to attend college I would not have applied for the student loans, so this 2000 bucks might as well been 20,000 because I could not come up with it. I was then kicked out of the school!! At that point, I just wanted to get my degree so I tried enrolling at my community college. Of course I needed a copy of my transcript to enroll so I contacted Kaplan and was told I needed to send them five dollars. I immediately mailed off a money order and waited patiently. Nothing so I called again this time I was told that because I did not graduate I could not receive my transcript!! I was pissed! I called Kaplan everyday only to be transferred from person to person then hung up on repeatedly. Long story short… Kaplan ruined my life! I owe so much in student loans for an education I never received! The staff they have employed for them are a bunch of dirty crooks that seem to take pleasure in ruining peoples lives who want to better themselves! If there is a class action started please include my name!!
    Thank you!

    • Cassandra says:

      I agree. Kaplan is a “for profit” school. They have no interest in you as a person, they are the perfect example of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. The majority of students that attend Kaplan are below the poverty level or underprivileged and Kaplan University targets these people with big promises and dreams, the classic hook, line, and sinker. They depend on people not doing anything about it because they know they can not afford lawyers and they also know these types of people don’t understand how to protect themselves. I withdrew when I realized Kaplan was not ever going to give me the money from my loans that was left over, they said there were personal fees and kept the extra every single term. I believe Kaplan needs someone to stick up for the underprivileged human beings that Kaplan is targeting, manipulating, and selling out. I can not even wrap my mind around the idea of many people being ok with stealing from the poor. Its shameful.

  75. mike says:

    I myself was led on by this school. They told me it was accredited, which as we all know was a lie. Secondly, I realized it was too good to be true when the classes I was taking were so easy a 4 th grader could have passed. Now Im paying back six loans that originally were about 16,000. I will be paying much more than that something like 30,000 by the time I m done paying the interest off which is even more boguis. When my federal return is offset, the money is divided into all loans instead of taking care of one loan. Because of this I will be paying these off for over ten years , even with the offset. The minimum payment they wanted a month was 235 a month. That is not doable with my current situation, I have three kids to support. Also I stopped attending classes at the end due to me having my laptop stolen. So i believe I was billed for classes I never even took. This school should have been shut down for lying to people, teaching bs to people who were actually trying to better themselves. What needs to be done is the simple act of no interest on student loans or education. I have left a message to the lawyer listed as I would like a game plan on what I can do.

  76. Kurtis says:

    I am having the same problem with Kaplan they lied to me. (Short Version) I was told since I was disabled had no income NO money in the bank at all that I wouldn’t have to pay for my schooling. The man who spoke to me about signing up for the school started calling me from his personal cell phone to convince me to sign up for the school. I have a very limited understand of how this system works and had him speak with my father (who lives 8 hours away) of course he called him again from his personal cell phone and told him the same thing. No money out of my pocket I would get all expenses covered due to my financial and medical issues and that he would even go over the Kaplan grants with me and that if I would just go to a barnes and nobel to buy the book we could get this show on the road. I barrowed from family the fees I needed to start the classes Low and behold a few days into the school I tried to email and call this person back about getting these grants I would need. He then explains to me that its not possible for him to help me with this since it is not his job to do so. So I realize I was being lied to and figured I would be getting an education I needed to do something since I no longer could do my old job with my injury. Months in I started getting bills in the mail about how I owe the school more money due to a raise in tuition. Once I spoke with the financial officers about this they said well you signed the paper work you owe us the money. At that second I contacted everyone I had a number for and had them take me out of the lie they called a school. If someone files a class action suit please please please please contact me. I now over over 20,000 3 classes. This needs to be stopped I know I am not the only one they have done this too. Due to my disability I cant find work which was why I wanted to go back to school, trying to get to a better place in my life only made it worse F you Kaplan and all you stand for. Also these workers who are posting its nice you want to say our feelings about the school are right. If you had morals you would speak on these things publicly and expose the school for what it is

  77. Chrystal Hazen says:

    I would love for all of us who have been taken advantage of by Kaplan University Online to come together as a big team and take this school on and shut them down before they hurt more people. I have been wronged in identity theft and have abused in e-signatures in recieving student loans without my consent. I have proof that I did not file for these loans by the pin numbers that were used for loans is not what was assigned to me by the fasfa department. The school has me listed for two times of enrollment in the same year. I only attended for 3 months. If you are dealing with similar actions and you want to make a stand please contact me by email @ chrysti87410@yahoo.com. Thank you so much.

  78. Termara says:

    I enrolled into Kaplan University Online in April 2010 everything was fine until November 2013 when I didn’t receive my diploma, so I called Kaplan to see why I hadn’t received it since I completed all of my classes including the capstone to be told that I still have 1 more class and that I only had 175 credits out of the 180 required credits, plus I owe them $2,400 even though I had financial aid the whole time due to the fact that they didn’ t submit a form on time and them withdrawing me from school after one of advisors messed up by telling me my domestic violence class & capstone were the last two left and I would graduate. Well now I stuck with a way more than half BA in Criminal Justice-Crime Scene Investigation completed that I can’t complete unless I pay them $2,400 that I don’t have and is ruining my credit since they sent it to collects a month ago. If anyone has any advice please help me or if the lawsuit happens fee free to add me.

  79. Michelle Forbes says:


    My name is Michelle Forbes. The reason for my message is that for 4 years I have been trying to figure out how I can get help about my problem with Kaplan University. I graduated in 2010 and was enrolled in October of 2008. My problem with them was not funding or anything else of that sort. It was the fact that the classes I took was not what I truly wanted. I was lied to by someone who just wanted to enroll me in school. The classes that they have are NOT for beginners which is what I was. The degree I got was not what I wanted. It was not what I was expecting to learn. The person who enrolled me had no IDEA what he was talking about. I told him what I would like to do as a career. What I would like to do and what I like to do. I told him that I like designing flyers. That I like to design business cards. I also stated that I would like to learn how to design websites. He mentioned web development as the program that I should take. That I would learn how to design and make websites. That I would be able to learn how to design other things. He also mentioned that Kaplan will help me with finding a job after I graduate and that I can receive a discount to enroll for my BA. It sounded good to me as I didn’t know anything about the career name for what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what classes they would be and what I needed to take. I also explained that I had no prior experience and would need to learn from scratch in which he told me that I would not need any prerequisites or experience. That these are all beginner classes. I signed up and started my loans process with their office. Everything was taken care of in the financial regard.

    When taking the classes most of them were my basic academic classes in the beginning and the other classes were classes that all IT majors need to take like the writing classes for IT professionals and such. I wasn’t sure about my classes as I didn’t really have any design classes and so I called my advisor about my problem. She told me that the classes that I was taking was something anyone in the IT world would need to take. Anyone that takes classes in web or computers need to take some of those classes. She also stated that I will get more into my major and using photoshop and all my other classes more when I get into my bachelors degree. She told me not to quit and that this field is very popular and makes a lot of money. I continued on taking those classes but as I got more towards the end of my degrees I had NO IDEA what i as taking. I had to pay for extra tutoring and ask for help anywhere I could because the majority of these classes felt like classes that people who already know how to do this line of work would take just so they could have that degree. I was lost along with a few others in the class and I had no IDEA how to do anything. I still have the books and sometimes still can’t figure it out. If it wasn’t for that extra tutoring I would have never passed.

    My other problem was that after I graduated I did not want to continue in that field and declined the person I spoke to in the beginning about enrolling again. I asked about assistance with at least getting a job and do they assist me and NO ONE ever got back to me. I sent emails and called on several occasions and all they mentioned was that they would assist with getting basic IT work and that I would be able to get better jobs and a career if I finished getting my BA. Still till this day I never recieved any help or assistance. I have a part time job at Enterprise and can’t afford to pay my loans. I am currently in section 8 and was on it before. I was hoping that doing this I would be able to get a degree and a career that I can finally get out on my own and now I can’t. They keep gaining interest on them and now owe $30k for what once was a $18k loan. I have looked for help with my loans anything to help me pay them back.

    I have had no help what so ever. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME?!

    • I don’t know how to help any unfortunate students who have had problems with Kaplan. Since I left in 2008, things have only gotten worse. I never received any help from an attorney, Department of Education, Attorney General or anyone whom I have filed formal complaints with. I have since lost my home, my social security disability is being garnished, I cannot afford to even pay for my rent (I was married, but have since divorced, causing me to lose my home and everything, I cannot deny Kaplan played a huge part in this since the Treasury tried to garnish my spouse’s wages and tax return as well). I despise this college and wish it would be shut down, but that will never happen because it is owned by the Washington Post and is a huge majority of their revenue. It is corruption and fraud at its finest. I am being garnished for loans I NEVER signed for. Even Citibank states they have no clue when the Master Promissory note was actually signed. I have felt like David against Goliath and had to give up on all of this while trying to survive after a divorce. Sorry I cannot be of any help nor refer you to anyone who can. Just make sure that EVERYONE you know is aware of this BULLSHIT college and its tactics. People will still apply, even though Kaplan is a joke. Going back to school, while disabled, was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life. I will never recover financially from this, nor will I ever be eligible for financial aid, such as pell grants, ever again. I cannot describe the disgust I have for this college and any other for-profit “college”.

    • Allie Wright says:

      Michelle Forbes and any others with repayment issues,
      If you are in repayment of your loans you can apply to consolidate your loans and may qualify for low or no payments through the PAY-E program. This is the government website and it is free to do this – http://www.loanconsolidation.ed.gov/ Please do not get suckered in by the companies that you have to pay to get this free service.
      Allie Wright

  80. Allie Wright says:

    I completely understand. Kaplan took a loan out in my name after I graduated and no one can tell me why it was taken out since I had no outstanding balance nor did I get a stipend for the amount they took out. But the loan companies don’t care. All they see is that they sent the money and that Kaplan says we were the recipients. 😦

    • Dawn Baker says:

      The more complaints I see about Kaplan the madder I get. How can this place and others like this stay in business? I told Kaplan that can have my worthless BS degree back, but obviously no response.

  81. jessie says:

    Thank you for this, I had pell grants and im being charged full tuition all in loans. I never saw any of the money. They also lost their accreditation. My 32k degree is worthless. My wages are being garnished and I need help!

    • I wish I knew what to say. I gave up fighting years ago. This caused (and is still causing) a lot of damage, divorce, garnishment, ugh I have lost everything. I can’t even list all of the problems this has caused me. I too never saw a dime, never saw an “estimated benefit award letter” or anything regarding student loans. I have taken every possible step and have an entire file drawer devoted to this case. But apparently, even though it is obvious Kaplan is a fraud, admissions will still occur. It will keep going, unfortunately.

  82. sara says:

    How can I get involved with this? I too was ripped off and ;lied to by Kaplan.

  83. It is 2016 but Kaplan is still screwing people. One and a half terms and 3.9 gpa, and they want money from me to finish. I am out of funding, just as I thought would happen. I am one of many who are in this position. I believe Kaplan is guilty of fraud by misrepresentation. Can anyone help me? My degree is worthless and now I am saddled with thid debt.

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